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Personal loans

Whether you’re upgrading your car, consolidating existing debts or making those all-important home improvements, a personal loan through Axo Finans is often more affordable than you think. You can borrow from NOK 10.000 to NOK 500.000, and in Sweden up to SEK 600.000. Our personal loans do not require collateral.

Our online application takes just minutes to complete and as soon as all our bank partners have reviewed your application, we will contact you and present the best offer.

Apply today and let Axo Finans help you reach your goals.

Basic requirements for applying for a loan

To apply for the loan you must be over 25 years old, have lived in Norway or Sweden for three years or more, and not be registered with any payment/collection remarks.

Apply through the applications on our local sites, or give us a call on +47 22 86 74 00 today.

Compare banks. Get the best offer possible.

Finding the best loan offer is different from buying anything else. The offers are personal, and based on your application entirely. With Axo, you can find the best offer with just one application.