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Axo Finans

Axo Finans is a finance agent that provides personal loans, loans and refinancing

This means that your application will be presented to several different banks and lenders simultaneously. You do not have to apply for yourself with several lenders, we do the job for you. The banks we work with know that they are competing to get you as a customer, and thus extend a little longer to provide a good deal. In this way, we push down prices on the market.

Axo Finans is a Norwegian finance agent, also called loan broker, loan broker or loan agent. We are one of Norway's largest agencies in the provision of unsecured loans and refinancing. The company was founded in 2008 and is regulated by the guidelines of the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet).

Business areas

Axo Finans is a finance agent that provides consumer loans and refinancing loans without collateral. Thus, it is not Axo Finans itself that issues loans - we only carry out the dissemination of applications between customers and our partners (banks and lenders).

Axo Finans is working on arranging loan agreements between the borrower and the lender, and as a finance agency we are subject to the Finance Act. This means that we are responsible for ensuring that the relevant lender or the bank follows up its obligations in the offer you receive. If it turns out that a lender does not follow up as they should, we are obliged to report this and terminate the cooperation with the lender in question.

Once the loan papers are signed by you and returned to the lender, our liability is terminated. Then the customer relationship goes on to the respective bank or lender.

Professional assistance

Axo Finans assists with professional guidance and advice to customers who need this. We can help you fill in applications and can advise on refinancing. If you have any questions related to the loan application, co-borrowers, refinancing or anything else, just contact one of our employees.

Receive the best deal of the day

We use the electronic application form and BankID for identification and signing. This means that the entire application process goes very quickly, and we can process the application immediately after you press send. The application is then forwarded for processing by all our partners, each presenting their own offer. Axo Finans compares the offers and presents the best deal for you.

The whole process only takes a few hours. You receive a response to the application on the day or the next day if you have applied outside of opening hours. If your loan application is granted and you use BankID to sign the loan agreement, the money can be on the account the day after you submitted the application.

Naturally, this requires that all documents are returned and signed in accordance with the bank's requirements.

Apply for refinancing

Axo Finans specializes in refinancing existing consumer debt. By collecting small loans and credit debt in a refinancing loan, you can get a better overview of your economy, and even save money. We have seen examples of customers who have saved thousands of NOK each month, because they received a lower interest rate and cut all double and unnecessary invoice and termination fees.

You apply for refinancing loans through Axo Finans, and we compare the lenders' offers to find the lowest interest rate. Most banks and lenders offer a lower interest rate, the higher the loan amount is. Therefore, it pays off to collect expensive small loans and credits in a single and larger refinancing loan.

Our partners

In order for us to stay on top and always be able to bring you the best offer, it is important that we work with the best banks and lenders in the industry.

Our business is regulated by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet), which means that we have clear agreements with all the banks and lenders we cooperate with. There are also requirements that all loan offers must meet in accordance with Finanstilsynet's guidelines for good lending practices.

As a loan intermediary, Axo Finans does not have the opportunity to charge commission from other than the banks and lenders we cooperate with. For you as a customer, this means that our services are completely free! You will receive follow-up and advice throughout the application process, and we will answer everything you may have wondered about.

Apply through the applications on our local sites, or give us a call on +47 22 86 74 00 today.